Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turtleneck Refashion

I bought this turtleneck from Wal-Mart the other day for $3.50 to wear underneath my daughter's Halloween costume.  I have seen tons of CUTE CUTE shirt redos with ruffles while doing my blog rounds and thought it would be really easy to convert this boring turtleneck into a cute ruffly shirt! I was right and here is how I did it:

Please don't mind the wrinkles, we had to use this as emergency pajamas one night so it's already been put in the wash. You may want to iron your shirt first.

With my rotary cutter, I cut the neck of the sweatshirt off, leaving about an inch or so attached.

I folded the remaining fabric over and hemmed it.

Now back to the piece that I cut off, I unfolded it and was able to cut 4 strips from it.

I then gathered the 4 strips. There are several ways of making a ruffle, but basically all I did was stitch down the middle with the longest stitch length selected. Don't backstitch at the end or beginning. Then take the top thread and push the fabric across until it makes a ruffle. Try to make the ruffles even, it's a little hard with stretchy fabric though.

Then I cut the cuffs off of the sleeves. I was going to leave a little bit of the cuff on and then fold them over and hem them but I forgot.

I was able to get 2 strips out of the cuffs. I made those into ruffles and put one strip on the front of the sleeves and the back of the sleeve.  This is what it looks like. 

And that's it! I love how it turned out.


No more boring turtleneck! The next one I do I want to add a cute bow or flower. Until next time!

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