Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Gifts Part 4- Wipee Case

For part 4 of our baby gifts I did a wipee case.
To make these you need:
2 pieces of felt
some cute fabric
1/8" ribbon
7/8" ribbon
an embelishment
a plastic wipe case (You can find these at Walmart for about a buck)

To start out all you do is hot glue the felt onto the top and bottom of the case. Make sure that you don't allow the glue to start to dry to avoid bumps. Then trim the felt to the shape of the case.
Then hot glue the fabric on top of the felt (I just put the hot glue around the edges. Then cut it so it will fold over about 1/4 of an inch.
And then hot glue the edges down
Next glue the 7/8" ribbon across the top and then glue the 1/8" ribbon around the outside to cover up the edges of the fabric and add in whatever embelishment you like.
These take about 15 minutes are so cute, especially for how easy they are to make. Try it out and see what you can make of it.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Drumroll Please...

Well according to Mr. our winner is...
Yeah! We are so excited! Please get back to us with an address to ship your super cute new apron to and we will get it to you right away! Congrats Bombdigity, we really hope that you love it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Banner

This is a fun little banner that I made for my baby's 1st birthday.
It was really fun and can be used over and over again.
To make this I used a 2" circle punch and used 4 circles glued together to make the balls. Then I strung each one individually onto a piece of ribbon and tied the ribbons together.
Then I got some chipboard letters, mod podged some fun paper onto them, punched holes into the top and strung them together with ribbon to, attaching the ball strands onto each end and between the words. Easy, cute, reusable. My kind of project :D
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Gifts Part 3- Car Seat Tent

This is one of our first posts on our blog and one of my favorites! So I'm reposting it for anyone who missed it, and because it makes an awesome baby gift!

 I'm going to teach you how to make a car seat tent.
These are awesome for all seasons.  Especially for baseball games and things in the summer and for Church all year round!  I designed it to be a cover but also to double as a blanket.
Items Needed:
2 yards each of a cotton fabric and a snuggle flannel
2 packets of quilt binding in a complimentary color
matching thread
2 buttons (the bigger the better, I say :D)
To start off I bought 2 yards each of a cute cotton print (for the top) and a snuggle flannel for the bottom.  I cut each piece into a rectangle measuring 33 X 41".
Next you will turn the opposite sides together and sew around the edges about 3/4 of an inch leaving enough unsewn to reverse back to the right side.
Once it is turned out take your quilt binding and sew around the edges and use this to sew up the hole.
Next cut 2 strips of each fabric 7 X 3" and turn the opposite sides together sew around the edges and then flip right-side out and sew again along the edges.
Now sew a button hole to one end of each strip.  I used the zig-zag stitch to make 2 parallel lines then connected them with a straight stitch and then used my seam ripper to cut a hole in the middle.
 Next sew buttons on the opposite end.
Now lay the blanket over your car seat to determine where to sew on your straps.  Pin them on and sew a small rectangle attaching the straps to the blanket.
Voila!! I promise this is easy! I am a beginner and the whole project took me only a couple of hours.  I hope that you try it out and love yours as much as I loved mine!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Apron Giveaway!!

This giveaway is now closed! Tune in Monday when we announce the winner!

Wahoo! We reached 300 followers! So exciting, right? So to commemorate this momentous occasion we are going to be giving away this watermelon Kelso apron... one lucky reader :D. Do you want it? Easy! To enter all you have to do is leave us a comment telling us what you would use this adorable apron for or your favorite treat!

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This giveaway will close at midnight on Saturday the 26th and we will announce the winner on Monday the 28th

Good luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Activity Cards

A few days ago I was browsing blogland and happened upon A Girl and a Glue Gun. Great site with great ideas! One of her ideas she posted was her Summer To-Do List  project.  I thought it was a great idea to help us get outside and do fun things during the summer!  

Basically what she did was make a bunch of summer activity cards and decorated an envelope for them to go inside.  She went all out and decorated each card by hand with scrapbook paper.  I am not nearly as good at papercrafting as she is so I opted to do it all digitally.    I used some digital scrapbooking kits (I mostly used the "Backyard Play" kit from and other random elements that I have. If you want to know specifics, let me know and I can try to find out.)  I also used clipart images from Microsoft Word and Google. 

I went a little crazy and made an envelope for each day of the week (except Sunday).  I also laminated my cards so that I can reuse them for years to come.  Here is how mine turned out! 

I have to tell you though, we aren't going to do this EVERY single day.  Not on days where we have other appointments or whatnot--just when we are home during the long days!  I have done a few already and they have been a big hit with my 3 year old.  She is so excited to open the envelope and find out what we get to do next.  

Summer is arriving slowly but surely here in Idaho. When it does finally arrive, we will be ready! 

If you would like to download these cards and the envelope labels, click here.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CSN Sneak

I need lots of things. Ok, so I want lots of things. (Same thing right?). So the coolest place contacted me recently. They are called CSN. They have about 200 stores and you can find absolutely everything you could ever dream of in their websites. Seriouly, they have an entire website dedicated to rugs. RUGS!! I know, how awesome is that? They carry everything from baby supplies to furniture, and every kitchen gadget you can think of. I would have bought a gorgeous bed from them if my husband hadn't just gotten me a bedroom set for Christmas. They have so many fun things, so when they asked us to review some of their products, of course I said I would. So we're waiting for these...
The most adorable little puzzles I have ever seen. I know that our kiddos are going to love them and can't wait for them to get here. You will hear more about them from us soon. In the meantime, go check out CSN here. See if you can't find something that fits your fancy while your there. I don't know how you couldn't!  ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Gifts Part 2- Nursing Covers

Part 2 of our baby gifts are these super cute nursing covers. I made these for myself with my boys and I love them. These covers do not have the boning in the top. You could probably add it if you wanted to, but I never liked the idea that some creeper could walk behind me and look down through the hole.. I know that would probably never happen, but these are the thoughts that go through my head.

These are really simple. All you need is 2 different fabrics (or you could do the same...) about a yard each.
This part I just kind of roughed. The dimensions you want to cut are 41" across and 25" tall. The shape is like an oval that has one side pulled out a little farther (see the pic :D). Lay the fabric one on top of the other and cut the fabric to this shape.
Next, fold the cutout in half and cut a half circle out for the head hole.
Open up the fabric and then cut a slit through the top to open up the circle.
Now, making sure that the right sides are together, sew around the edges of the entire cover.
Make sure to leave one of the ends open. I start sewing at the top, go all the way around and then down into the head hole, and end it on the other edge to leave the opening.
Then turn the cover right side out through the opening.
And once it is all flipped through, iron it to flatten around the edges.
Now take the open end and fold it about half an inch to the inside.
And tuck the sewn end into the opening.
Sew down to close it up.
Now sew again just around the edges of the nursing cover.
And that's it. I can usually whip one of these out in about 30 minutes. Like I said, super easy, any beginner sewer can manage one of these an I love that you can flip the cover to fit your mood. (You know, just in case you have flower moods, or polka dot moods :D
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Business Spotlight: Lil' Essentials

vI just wanted to write a quick post to spotlight my friends business, Lil' Essentials! Misty has tons of amazingly cute products, including but not limited to pom pom dresses, butterfly and fairy wings, boas, tutus, sweet Lil' skirts and onesies.

Her newest item listed in her shop are these gorgeous pettiskirts:

I have my sights set on the zebra print and hot pink version(coming soon). ADORABLE! And for only $20, you will not find a better deal!

So go on over and check her out here!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And It's Finished

It's finally done! I can see the floor! I am so in love with our new shelves and all the storage space!! Oh man, I can hardly contain myself.
A place for all of the clothes and extra spots for books...
Stuffed animals...
And of course you can't forget the trucks! I feel like I can finally just relax a little bit. Ahhhh
Something you might try out yourself? I highly recommend it. Oh! And make sure you watch out for us in the next couple of days. I see an apron giveaway in our future and I'm sure there is someone out there who wants it... right...right?! :D

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