Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas-y Carols

Hello everyone! I had a spare minute and wanted to stop by and let you all know of a giveaway I will be hosting on facebook. I’ve decided to give away one of my Christmas carol headbands…

17    131    15

or a carousel headband in your choice of purple or pink when Hey sunshine shoppe reaches 100 fans!


so if you want a chance to win, just hit that little “like” button at the top of Hey sunshine shoppe’s facebook page and as soon as I hit 100 we’ll give one of these babies away! Of course by babies I mean headbands, and not the actual baby pictured. I’m kind of attached to her :). Hope to see you all on facebook!

like it here!!!

but if there are any peeps not interested in waiting for a giveaway, visit the shoppe and use coupon code HOLLYJOLLY to receive 20% off your entire order through Christmas!

P.s. I have a couple projects coming including superhero donut pillows for the kiddos to watch movies in (plus a smaller, cuter, more girly version for your pint-sized princesses) and a way fun frame!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

I seem to have misplaced my motivation lately.  My house usually looks like a hurricane went through it, I’m usually dressed and out of the house by, oh, I don’t know, 1:00. Maybe. I find myself sitting in front of my computer googling “how to get fit post-pregnancy” while simultaneously eating a cinnamon roll with 2 tbsp of butter melted on top and drinking a 16oz. hottie with coconut flavoring and whipped cream on top. HA! And the worst part… I don’t care! I really want to though, so I’m working on that. My big problem is this right here.


I mean, seriously, just look at those cheeks. Can you really blame me? Those babies need to be kissed on 24/7. Oh and then there are these two.



You would never know that those handsome little faces can cause so much mischief!

But anyway, my point is, I have zero motivation right now and with my shoppe starting to take off (can I tell you there is no better advertisement then toting around an adorable baby with a big ol’ flower in her full head of hair?!!) I’m finding myself with little time to take care of the things that probably need to be attended to. At this point I would like to give a shout-out to my amazingly sweet hubby who has yet to mention the fact that sometimes you can’t see the floor in our living room, and still says I’m beautiful even though I feel anything but.

So I’ve decided that it’s time I start making a few changes and I figure that starting with myself is as good a thing as any. I’ll tell you that the Spanx just aren’t holding it all in right now. Speaking of Spanx, isn’t that just a miracle garment in itself!! I’m going to have to give them their own post later on. Here is my problem. What do I do to get myself going? Obviously the googling did nothing to help me. It’s cold outside, gyms are expensive-o, and my double jogging stroller doesn’t hold all of my babies anymore. I can put the little miss in the wrap and push the boys, but again with the cold outside. Would you like to hear any more excuses? I’ve found I’m pretty good at coming up with them.

My decision right now is that I’m going to start doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.


Have you ever tried it? One word- Brutal. I fell down once trying to do high knees. I like that kind of workout because that means it’s working. Right?? Haha. Oh well. So here’s to motivation. The cover says I can lose 20 lbs in 30 days. Not likely that I will do it in 30 days, but I’m currently 7 weeks post-partum and my goal is to lose 20-25lbs by February, or March, or anytime before baby #4 makes its way into the oven. See? I’m flexible. And now I’m curious, to all you mommies out there, young or old, new or seasoned, what do you do, or do you do nothing at all? I’d love to hear about it, let me know that it’s not just me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here We Go

So, it's been a while.  Life has kind of taken over, and I'm okay with that.  My family is where my priorities need to be.  This craft blog was started with a lot of high hopes, but it was also started having no idea what it takes to keep a blog like this going.  Coming up with enough projects to keep content up takes a lot of time.  A whole lot of time.  And with 3 little ones now all 3 and under, I wasn't having a whole lot to spare.  So I took a hiatus for a while, not sure if I was going to come back at all.  But I miss it.  I miss the interactions with readers, having something outside of my home to be involved in.
So I'm back, but things are going to be a little different around here.  I'm still going to be doing some crafts every now and then, but I think I'm going to add a little more life into my blog.  My experiences as a mom of 3, a wife to a sexy soldier, a newfound shop owner trying to figure out the ins and outs of growing a business.  My life consists of Batman and Superman, failed attempts at pottytraining, trying to keep a clean house with rugrats running rampant, making goodies to satisfy a housefull of sweet-tooths.  I would love for you all to join me as I try this out.  I want feedback, interactions, opinions.  I hope that you stick around!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Lady

So I have some fun news.

After about 5 months of dripping whatever I happen to be eating on my belly, patiently waiting for my ankles to officially turn into cankles, and growing out of every piece of clothing that I own, I finally found out that

It’s a GIRL!!!

22 weeks along and I have officially switched in to little girl craft mode. I’ve decided that when we sell our house (please be soon!!) I will be doing her room in gray, yellow, and pops of pink. So to celebrate the news of my little boys’ new “sister-baby”, I made a little 11x14 print for her room and thought I would share it with you! Please download for personal use only!!

happy girls

Click on print or click here to download!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calling All Crochet-ers!

Do you crochet, or think that you would like to? Have you ever heard of Polka Dot Posh? If not you have got to check it out! Cassi is amazing and her patterns are so adorable! She is currently trying to simplify her life which means for a limited time, like the next 30 days, she will be offering her patterns free to the public!

Would you like some eye candy?

I thought so…




There is a little donate button at the top of her blog, so if you feel the need to offer a little love for her generosity, that would be completely awesome too.

Go check it out here, you won’t be sorry!

SammyRed heart

Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna DIE!!

I’ve been sitting around fighting these winter blues, creative itch driving me nuts, trying to decide what to do with my time. I thought about mod podging my TV stand, but I promised the hubs that I wouldn’t decoupage any more furniture until we sell our house (so here’s hoping for a quick sell), and I think he’ll be looking at some new LCD TV stands to go with his new TV. So instead I ordered


lots of them too. And they are so cool! Purples, teals, browns, stripes. Oh man, I’m obsessed! I will be purchasing more very soon. Like, probably as soon as I’m done writing this. I did buy them with an intention in mind, and it’s this…

fFeather Earringse


Yes please!! And can I tell you that I am so in love with how they turned out! They have a little fun sexy thing going on and they make me feel dressed up and effortless, which is perfect for me and my life right now. Two little rascals, the less work I have to put into me, the better.

So here is a quick little tute if you want to make some yourself.

Supplies Needed:

2 dozen feathers, thread, leather cording, kidney wire earrings, 4 jump rings, 2 thin chains- one 4” the other 4 1/2”, with charms on the ends

To start off take a dozen of your feathers and bunch them together, making sure that the tops are even.


Take the thread and double it so it’s stronger, then tie a tight knot around the tops of the feather bunch.


Grab a length of the leather cording and thread on 2 of the jump rings.


Now take one of the jump rings and make a loop pointing down and hold it onto the end of the feather bunch.


And make another large loop with the other end of the cording, about 1 1/2 to 2 ft, making sure to leave the 2nd jump ring in that loop, but don’t cut the cording!


Then take one end of the large loop (not the end connected to the spool) and start tightly wrapping the cording from about and inch down the bunch, up to the top of the earring.


When you get to the top of the bunch take the cut end of the cord and the end still attached to the spool and pull them as tight as you can and cut off the excess. I took some hot glue and put some on the top and bottom and then smeared it down to keep all of the cording in place.


I didn’t get a picture of this step, but all you need to do is attach the 2 chains to the bottom jump ring and then slide the entire thing onto the kidney wire earring. These seriously took me about 25 minutes and I am seriously so in love! I was so excited to wear them that my special occasion ended up being at my mom’s for dinner after conference. But that’s what I love about these. I can wear them anytime. They’re just

so fun!


So, are you going to give them a try?

I hope you do!


SammyRed heart

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ooh La La

Today I got a fun little package in the mail…




I have a way fun project coming up, so check back soon!

SammyRed heart

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello everyone! Sorry this is not a crafting post, I just felt like I wanted to give a little shout out to all of our peeps out there since we have all but disappeared lately. And, unfortunately, there has not really been much crafting going on here at all! Bummer, I know. So what have I been up to? This.
Yes that is my couch. I'd like to say that it usually looks better than that, but in all honesty, it is usually much worse. I mean, only one to managed to make it's way into the picture! I lived there for about 5 days, starting last Wednesday. That is the day that the kidney infection officially set in. Have you ever had one? They suck sooooo bad! I went into the doc on Thursday and was put on antibiotics, and pain meds. They helped a lot with the pain and all the other junk that goes along with a kidney infection (UTI, blood in the urine, yadda yadda yadda) but they didn't help with the puking that decided to set in. I puked up every single thing that I was able to get down, which wasn't much. 2 pieces of toast on Thursday, 4 saltines and a cup of milk on Friday, and 4 more saltines on Saturday. By the time Saturday night came around I found myself at the urgent care on IV's. I was back in on Sunday morning for more and finally by Monday morning I was feeling better! Wahoo! Well for a minute. Urgent care wanted me back on Monday morning and thought it would be better to be safe then sorry and decided to give me a shot of the antibiotics they had been giving me through the IV's. So then I ended up here.
Why you might ask? Because they give you that antibiotic shot in your butt. SOOOO painful!!!! I can just imagine the coversation the doctor had who invented giving shots in the butt.

DOC: Hey nurse, I'm bored so I have this great idea.
NURSE: Alright doc, what is it.
DOC:  It's like this, when you go give that guy his antibiotic shot, you should do it in his butt!
NURSE: Ok doc, but why?
DOC: Because that way, we can laugh every time he has to sit funny, and have a good laugh when we get to watch him walk out like a goon!
NURSE: Good one, doc, good one.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that they had that conversation. So because of that funny doctor, I have reparked myself in my living room, only this time I'm on the recliner, sitting on a heating pad, doing a whole lot of nothing at all. Good times. So here's to feeling better, and possibly starting a brotherhood of all of those who have had a shot in the butt, because until you've had one, it is impossible to understand.

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