Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Calling All Crochet-ers!

Do you crochet, or think that you would like to? Have you ever heard of Polka Dot Posh? If not you have got to check it out! Cassi is amazing and her patterns are so adorable! She is currently trying to simplify her life which means for a limited time, like the next 30 days, she will be offering her patterns free to the public!

Would you like some eye candy?

I thought so…




There is a little donate button at the top of her blog, so if you feel the need to offer a little love for her generosity, that would be completely awesome too.

Go check it out here, you won’t be sorry!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna DIE!!

I’ve been sitting around fighting these winter blues, creative itch driving me nuts, trying to decide what to do with my time. I thought about mod podging my TV stand, but I promised the hubs that I wouldn’t decoupage any more furniture until we sell our house (so here’s hoping for a quick sell), and I think he’ll be looking at some new LCD TV stands to go with his new TV. So instead I ordered


lots of them too. And they are so cool! Purples, teals, browns, stripes. Oh man, I’m obsessed! I will be purchasing more very soon. Like, probably as soon as I’m done writing this. I did buy them with an intention in mind, and it’s this…

fFeather Earringse


Yes please!! And can I tell you that I am so in love with how they turned out! They have a little fun sexy thing going on and they make me feel dressed up and effortless, which is perfect for me and my life right now. Two little rascals, the less work I have to put into me, the better.

So here is a quick little tute if you want to make some yourself.

Supplies Needed:

2 dozen feathers, thread, leather cording, kidney wire earrings, 4 jump rings, 2 thin chains- one 4” the other 4 1/2”, with charms on the ends

To start off take a dozen of your feathers and bunch them together, making sure that the tops are even.


Take the thread and double it so it’s stronger, then tie a tight knot around the tops of the feather bunch.


Grab a length of the leather cording and thread on 2 of the jump rings.


Now take one of the jump rings and make a loop pointing down and hold it onto the end of the feather bunch.


And make another large loop with the other end of the cording, about 1 1/2 to 2 ft, making sure to leave the 2nd jump ring in that loop, but don’t cut the cording!


Then take one end of the large loop (not the end connected to the spool) and start tightly wrapping the cording from about and inch down the bunch, up to the top of the earring.


When you get to the top of the bunch take the cut end of the cord and the end still attached to the spool and pull them as tight as you can and cut off the excess. I took some hot glue and put some on the top and bottom and then smeared it down to keep all of the cording in place.


I didn’t get a picture of this step, but all you need to do is attach the 2 chains to the bottom jump ring and then slide the entire thing onto the kidney wire earring. These seriously took me about 25 minutes and I am seriously so in love! I was so excited to wear them that my special occasion ended up being at my mom’s for dinner after conference. But that’s what I love about these. I can wear them anytime. They’re just

so fun!


So, are you going to give them a try?

I hope you do!


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ooh La La

Today I got a fun little package in the mail…




I have a way fun project coming up, so check back soon!

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