Friday, April 23, 2010

We are so excited to be swapping blogs with Sisters' Stuff today.  These guys are so awesome and have some really cute tutorials and meals and tons of other stuff on their blog. We are so excited to have them over today. So here they are!!

We are Whitney and Alish from Sisters' Stuff and we are so glad to be swapping with Scraps N' Strings today! We love meeting new bloggers and seeing all their ideas!
We are going to share our Ribbon Board Tutorial with you today!

I recently made this Ribbon Board for my daughter and also one for a gift. It is used to hold clips and hair bows.

Plain board- I bought mine from Lowe's. They also cut it the size you want for free there at the store.
Cover one side of the board with batting and plain white material. I cut the batting the exact same size of the board. You want your material long enough to pull around part of the back of the board. Pull the material tight and hot glued it to the back of the board. I glued one end of the ribbon to the back of the board and strung it down the front of the board. Then hot glued the other end to the back of the board. I repeated this with all the ribbons until the board was covered with ribbon.
I glued a big ribbon onto the back which will be used to hang the ribbon board up.
Cover the back so that it looks nice and neatLove the finished project!! It is so handy for organizing my daughters bows!

Don't forget to stop over at Sisters' Stuff and check out our guest blog and the rest of the super cute stuff they have!


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