Monday, February 15, 2010

Toddler/Infant Tie

This week I decided to refashion one of my hubby's old ties that he doesn't wear anymore into a super cute tie for my little man.  It doesn't take long and is pretty easy.  If you can't get permission to cut up one of your husbands old ties, they usually sell them for like a buck at your local D.I. or thrift store.

First thing you want to do is measure the tie to your lamb. Put it around his neck and mark where it hits his hips.  Make sure you mark the big end as the one to cut off.

Now you'll fold the tie in half lengthwise and cut diagonally to make a V.
Next fold the tie in half hamburger way (haha remember that? :D) and mark the center of the tie with a pin.
Now you will want to take out the stitches from the cut end to the pin

Now there is usually a piece of fabric inside the tie that they use to give it shape. You'll want to pull it out (again to the pin) and shave of the sides to make this end of the tie skinnier than the uncut end.
Now you just want to sew the tie shut again, forming it to the fabric that you just cut. Ironing the tie first helps out a ton. Don't worry if your sewing job does not look fabulous. Mine didn't either, but no one will know because it will be hidden, and I'm not telling anyone ;).
Lastly you'll want to sew the end shut. You can do this by hand or on the sewing machine. I forgot to take a pic of myself doing that, but don't worry, that part is also hidden.
Then just tie it onto your little man, or have your hubs do it, or your dad, or you can google how to tie a tie, cuz hey, why would you need to know how to tie a tie, am I right? And last a pic of the unwilling model, still super cute in his brand new refashioned little man tie!!


Grandma Mecham said...

What a marvelous idea! You are such a talented mommy! You have a mighty cute model too!

Paul and Aubrey Young said...

looks good!! I love carson... he looks so happy!

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

I am really going to have to bookmark. THere has been more than one occasion when I wanted my little man to wear a tie, but none could be found in a store ANYWHERE! :)

Thanks for linking up today.

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog

Tori said...

Now once it is on him. Cut the back. Sew up the cuts and put on some velcro. Then you don't have to tie it.

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