Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bow-Tie Revisited: The Bow-Tie Hair Bow

You may remember a couple of months back when I posted my Bow-Tie Tutorial.  I just love the classic, simple look and decided it would be super cute as a hair bow! I plan on making tons of them, they are such a good way to get rid of scraps!

If you didn't catch that tutorial, here is the same version with something else I added to help keep the bow's shape.

Start with 2 scraps of fabric, mine measured 8"x5" and 2"x5".  Fold the bigger piece in half so that the right sides are touching and sew down the side; do the same for the smaller piece.  Turn them right side out and press, so that the seam is down the middle.

With the bigger piece, fold the ends over to meet in the middle and sew down like this.

Now here is the new part that I added. Take the rectangle you just sewed, and bunch it together like this.

You can hand sew this next part but I just used my sewing machine.

After that is done, wrap the small piece around the big piece and hot glue in place.  Hot glue your alligator clip on the back and your done!



Leslie said...

this is plain adorable

brandi @ tales of a domestic goddess said...

love it!! too cute!! i need to whip out my sewing machine and figure it out... for this reason!!!

Whims And Trims said...

Super cute! i have made those with ribbon, but never thought to make them with fabric.....super idea! i found you on Feature Yourself Friday!

Donene said...

this is so cute! I love it!

Kaysi said...


Justine said...

Love it! Love how it is so simple. I have to try it for myself!



Yycien said...

This hair bow is simply adorable. You’ve been inspired me to get into sewing and make some hair bows for my niece. I might have to try this out. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. ;)

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