Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picture Plaques with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic + Giveaway

So I have one more fun project for you, this time showing how you can use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic as an accent to your project to add a lot of personality and help bring out those little details that we all work so hard on. These are just some cute little picture plaques that I made up for a craft at a recent family reunion. And do you know what? Everyone loved the Dimensional Magic, from a 10 year old cousin to 50+ year old aunt. It's just so easy to use!

To start this project off I cut out an 8x8" piece of 1/4" thick wood.
-Here's a tip, go to your local hardware store to find wood for projects like this. Craft stores mark their prices WAY up because they are for crafts, and you can usually get a lot more product for a lot cheaper at your local Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or Lowe's-
I painted down a thin layer of Mod Podge
And then added some scrapbook paper over the top. I recommend laying your paper out how you want it before you start going all crazy with the Mod Podge, I just didn't get a picture of this step... And then paint on another layer of Mod Podge over the top to seal it. I suggest using the gloss Mod Podge to seal the paper down, I just love the finished look that it gives.
Next step, after your Mod Podge has dried completely, is to add some embellishments. Flowers, pearls, ribbons, you can use anything that you have laying around, and hot glue them onto your board.
Next I drilled a hole in each of the top 2 corners and threaded some sturdy wire through and looped it. This make the plaque easy to hang and it just cute.
Then I selected the picture that I wanted for my plaque and pinned it in place with 2 thumbtacks. I put a tiny dab of Mod Podge on the tack and added a little matching circle of paper to the top of each one.
And applied my Dimensional Magic to each one and allowed them to dry. (For tips on using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, check out our last post for the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Dog Tags)
It added so much character to the plaques and helped pull out a lot of the colors of the project and just added some additional visual interest.
I just loved that there are so many different things that you can do with this project, and capture just about any kind of personality with it!

So are you worried that you aren't going to win the Dimensional Magic from our last giveaway. Well Mod Podge Amy has been so generous as to allow us to do a SECOND giveaway of the Dimensional Magic. I know, she does rock. And what do you need to do? Simply leave a comment telling us why you are so desperate to get Mod Podge Dimensional Magic that you simply must enter another giveaway for it!

Giveaway closes on Sunday 9/19 at midnight MST and the winner will also be announced the following Monday!


The Creative Chickadee said...

I am so desperate because Christmas is coming and I have over 6 nieces and could really make some fun girlie stuff for gifts. Pick me, pick me.


Cyndi Browning said...

I am so desperate for some awesome mod podge because I am a full time working mom who feels like she really never gets time to do craft projects! Winning this giveaway would allow me to do some great projects and MAKE time!

Beth said...

What a cute project, I love it! I am desperate to win because I never have the time to get to the craft store (sad I know) to get my own.

jrhod711 said...

I am desperate for it, 'cause I want it. Does there need to be another reason? LOL I want to try it out. I've seen, like a million things you can do with it. . . well, maybe half a million. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Carleen said...

I'm so desperate for it cause I just started crafting and I don't have that many supplies.

MICHELL said...

Wonderful....I've done a couple of projects with Mod Podge...I can't wait to try this....Fabulous tutorial!! Thanks:-)

Beverly @ said...

Wow how fun! I would love to win (desperately :) because I haven't used it before and would LOVE to give it a try!
Thanks for the chance!

Joslyn said...

I wanna make THESE! How cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Estee said...

I have to have it because I LOVE modpodge and I'm sure I'll have tons of things to do with it.

twomcnews said...

I must have it! Planning lots of projects for my 3-yr-old's new big girl room. I desperatly need it!

twomcnews at yahoo dot com

Holly said...

Great project. I have yet to try the dimensional is so on my list though. I am a new follower...#400!
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