Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cookie Dough Pie

 Congratulations to Kierstin for winning the giveaway and thanks to everyone who supported us with it. We will hope to do another one soon!!

In honor of our apron winner today we will be sharing an awesome treat. This recipe is sooo easy and delicious. There is no real cookie dough in it but it tastes just like it.  Please to enjoy!!

Cookie Dough Pie

1 package Chips Ahoy (the original kind- not chewy)
1 tub of cool whip
hershey's chocolate syrup
vanilla ice cream (softened)
cup of milk

First thing you do is dunk your chips ahoy in the milk and layer them on the bottom of your pie pan. Lay down full cookies first, then break smaller chunks and dunk them in the milk to fill in the gaps.
Next layer you want to spread on about an inch thick of vanilla ice cream

Now layer another layer of chocolate chip cookies the same way as the first layer. This would also be fabulous with 2 layers of these cookies right in a row. Don't forget to dunk them in the milk first!
Now to finish it off, layer on a ton of whipped cream then drizzle chocolate syrup on top. Use a rubber spatula and set it on the whipped cream and pull staight up to create peaks and make the pie look extremely delicious :D
Now eat it up as quickly as you possibly can, or if you are on a diet like I am, take it over to a neighbor so that they can enjoy all of that fabulosity while you sit at home feeling jealous hit the gym and be proud of yourself for all of your self-discipline.


Sara Cart said...

This is so anti-my-diet, but I'm still going to make it. I'm a new follower too.

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