Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jewels Hooks

So I had a little problem...

Ok, so I had a huge problem!!
My name is Sammy, and I have an addiction. I LOVE jewels. All kinds. I buy them and buy them and buy them, and I have absolutely nowhere to keep them. I would rearrange them about once a month, and in about, oh, give or take a day, my dresser would go right back to looking like this.

SO! I went out to Porter's and got me some jewels hooks.
But they were SOOOO boring. So I decided to dress them up a bit. First thing I did was get some cute scrapbook paper. I laid the hook on the paper and traced around the outside.
Now just cut around the edges. You'll need to cut pieces out to fit the paper on to the top and the edges of the hinges.
Next start layering on the paper. First paint on a layer of the gloss mod podge and lay the paper over the top, making sure to get all of the bubbles out.
Now take a pair of scissors and scrape around all of the edges to help fit the paper more exactly to the hook. If the paper tears a little bit, don't worry about it, it will look good. Make sure that you poke out the holes for the screws too.
Now I took my distress ink (I absolutely HEART this stuff and went and bought some in every color available!!) in "walnut stain", rubbed a paper towel on it, and rubbed around all edges of the hooks and hinges.
 And cover the entire thing in a good coat of the mod podge.
Let them sit until dry, and then screw them into your wall and hang your beautiful jewels on them to display.
So hello, my name is Sammy... and I'm recovering :D, well, at least my dresser is...


Heather Inns said...

Nice job, it looks really good.

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