Friday, July 30, 2010

Flip-Flop Fridays with Sugar Bee- Craft Edition

Hello Scraps and Strings readers!  I'm Mandy from over on Sugar Bee Craft Editon and was excited when Sammy and Ruth hit me up for a blog swap - it's only my second one ever, but it's so fun! If all goes well, you should be seeing my newly designed button below - I've been caught up in the fun of a blog revamp recently:

And speaking of revamps, one of my favorite projects was playroom revamp.  It used to be my sewing corner, but we rearranged our whole basement and downsized the playroom to a little nook - but it's super cute so I hope the kids don't notice their square-footage shrunk a little.  Anyways, you can see the overview of the Playroom here.  Today I want to share with you one of the best projects from the Playroom - The Tree!  It wasn't hard and has such an impact.
Tree murals are all the rage, so I knew I wanted one.  Under the stairs is a playhouse so the little room next to the playhouse is like the yard.  And what yard is complete without a tree.  I browsed lots of great examples of tree murals and saw one with circles - it was just the right amount of whimsy I was looking for.  Of course I don't know the link - if anyone saw a tree that looks like mine but was all paint (no fabric) let me know so I can share the link with everyone.

I wanted to incorporate fabric on the wall to tie together the color scheme, so some of my leaves are circles of fabric.  So a quick how to paint a tree on a wall and use fabric..

I had help in this - I'm not an artist at all.  I had my husband freehand the tree outline and place all the circles.  He used our big Tupperware bowl set for the various sizes.  I traced the bowls onto the fabric in the sizes we wanted.  All the paint was finished first:
For attaching the fabric to the wall - super easy.  I found a great how-to on How About Orange - basically you paint the back of the fabric with goo, put the fabric with goo on the wall, then paint another coat of goo on top once it's on the wall.  The cornstarch holds it to the wall and apparently it will just pull off the wall whenever we need it to.  For the goo recipe I used:
1/8 C cornstarch stirred into 1/4 C cold water
then added that to 2 C boiling water
You can see how many circles I did, and there was still leftover goo.
I used 2 different fabrics from the same family - dots and stripes.  I absolutely love how this turned out.  It was just what I pictured in my head.  Love when that happens!!

Hope to see you over on Sugar Bee Craft Edition - I do crafts (of course!), recipes, photography tips, sewing and more.  And I host a link party on Tuesdays so drop for that if you want to show your stuff to the world.  
Love this project!! Make sure to go and check out the rest of her playroom, it's pretty much amazing!! And we're visiting her today so stop by and say hello!


Big Bird said...

This is very cool! I've passed it on to my daughter who is about to do a new nursery.

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