Monday, January 24, 2011

Prairie Princess Headpiece

This was my last little finishing touch for the outfit. This was a pretty simple little project and took about a minute to whip up. I started with a rectangle of left-over fabric from the skirt. Mine was about 6X20", feel free to adjust the size for however large you would like the flower. Fold the rectangle over hamburger way and sew the ends together to form a loop.

Then fold the loop in half hotdog way.

No take a needle and thread and sew a large basting stitch around the open end of the loop.

When you've sewn all the way around pull the thread tight to bunch it into a flower shape.

And sew through the bunched area to secure.

And attach a bling button to the center of the flower.

Now take some Russian netting and cut a piece that is 2" longer and 2" wider than the flower. Find the middle point on the netting and tie a knot on the end of the row.

Then weave back and forth throught the row of netting

and pull the thread taut to bunch the netting.

And sew it down to the bottom middle of the flower.

From there, sew the loose edges down across the flower.

I found this cute little fray of feathers at Michaels for a couple of bucks.

Just hot glue it onto the headpiece, in-between the flower and netting. I also hot glued the button down to secure it.

To finish it off, I just hot glued the entire thing onto a thick headband, and there you go!

**Disclaimer** This headpiece is rather large and would be great for like, a wedding or a special occassion, or a photo prop, but I would probably not wear it to like, Walmart. But I suppose that is the great thing about Walmart, if you felt like wearing it there then I suppose you can, but again, I, personally, wouldn't :)


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