Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snipping Tool

Here's a quick little cool tutorial that my brother showed me the other day. When we do giveaways and pick a commenter, we like to show the comment in the winner post, as do most blogs. Now a lot of people may have already known this, but for me, anytime I wanted to do that I would have to press the PrtSc (Print Screen) button, paste it into paint or some other editing program, crop out the part of the page that I want to use, save it as a picture, then upload it onto the post. It gets the job done but is kind of a pain in the butt. Well if you have Windows Vista or newer there is a cool program called Snipping Tool that is found in the accessories when you go to all programs (same place as the calculator and paint). Now if you ever want to snip out a comment or anything else for that matter, all you have to do is have the page pulled up that you want to copy from

Then pull up the snipping tool, it will look like this

I usually just leave it as rectangle because that's usually what I need then just click and drag a rectangle around the part that you want to copy and hit the save (disk)  button on the top.

Then all you have to do is upload your newly saved pic and your done! So easy, just thought I'd share :)


Annie said...

Thanks for the tip! I had no idea, I had to go try it out! I for sure will be using this feature alot!

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