Friday, August 20, 2010

Flip-Flop Fridays with Aly & Ash

Hello hello! I'm Jax from Aly&Ash and I'm so excited to be posting here today! But you'll definitely have to head over to my blog Aly&Ash to see Sammy's amazing tutorial! But while I have your attention here, let's talk about me shall we! :) I'm a STHM of an adorable little boy who growing and changing so fast these days it's incredible! The picture below is kinda old, Asher is now 10 months, crawling (backwards) and really enjoying the sound of his own voice! We just spent a month back in my home country Canada and although we had a blast I'm excited to be back in Phoenix and back to regular routine etc!
 So on with today's project: Let's cling to these last days of summer shall we! I am way into leggings and tunics this summer. But I hate the rope belts that always come attached to the tunics. (No offense if you love them!) I always pull them off and cut off the loops that once held them and belt with a "real" belt or leave without. I knew there was something I could do with said rope belts so I held onto them and then thought, Hey! Why don't I make a headband! It's crazy easy and quick so let's get to it!
Nautical Headband
Step One: Grad some rope belts or braid together some yarn etc.
Step Two: Roll to measure how big you want your circles and tie two knots in the braid to cut between.
Step Three: Repeat until you have your desired lengths and quantity of rope.
Step Four: Roll circle while gluing with hot glue as you go.
Step Five: Tuck the end around the back and secure with hot glue. Once dry you can cut off the knot.
Step Six: Hot glue buttons or fabric covered brads into center and glue onto headband.
Easy Peasy! Now you have a nautical summer headband!
 Well that's it for today! If you haven't been over to Aly&Ash before make sure to come check out my other projects! Here's a little preview:

Thanks for having me & have a great week!


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