Monday, August 23, 2010

Pretty Petal Skirt

My niece needed a new skirt for a special day that she has coming up. My sister saw a skirt similar to this figured that I could make one for her instead of having to buy something. So here is my Pretty Petal Skirt.

First off I measured my niece around her waist twice and then cut 2 pieces of 1 1/2 in ribbon at that measurement. I then took the 2 pieces of ribbon and sewed them together right along the edge, wrong sides together.
Next I took some sheer satin and cut it to the width of my ribbon. I then folded it enough that the folded amount length went from the hip to the knee and pinned it all the way across.
I then ironed down the seam...
and sewed across the top right at the edge.
Next I took a white lining fabric and cut it to the width of the ribbon and the length just shorter than the satin. I used my rolled hemming foot on my machine to finish off the bottom, but if you don't have one, you can fold it over and use an iron to press the hem and then sew it across.
Next I laid down first my lining fabric, then the satin, and then the ribbon on top- hem up.
And sewed all the way across, again right at the edge, making sure to catch all layers.
Then I took some petals and stuffed them into the satin part of the skirt
And then turned the two edges together and sewed the skirt shut in a loop, leaving only the ribbon part unsewn.
Then I spread the flowers throughout the skirt and threaded a 1in green ribbon through the pink ribbon and cinched the skirt around her waist and tied a bow.
And then I let her play, because what fun is Pretty Petal Skirt if you don't get to play in it?!

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! I think it would be so cute if I made one of these for one of my dolls. I love the petals inside the skirt - so unique! Great blog you have here!


Kaysi said...


Mandy said...

great job - - and so many fun things could be added in with the petals!

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