Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty in Pink Flower

Everyone knows that if you are going to make a Pretty Petal Skirt then you also have to make a Pretty in Pink flower to match. To start I used the left over petals from the skirt. The package of petals (that I got from Joanns) had regular and sheer petals. I used a matching thread and just started threading the petals together through the bottom alternating between the regular and the sheer.
Then once I had all of the petals that I wanted on, I held the center and spread the petals around, making sure that they all showed.
And then continued my stitching in the middle of the flower to hold each of the petals in place.
I then took a little scrapbooking flower that I found and sewed it on to the center of the petals
And then glued a pearl right into the center to hide all of the stitching.
Then attach it to a clip, and whala! Fun, bright, and matchy-matchy. Three of my favorite things :)
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